JHS Pink Panther Delay



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LAST ONE !!!! ...for the Pink Panther Tap Tempo Delay


DISCONTINUED.... unless you find a Pink Panther and cut off a piece of its fur and send it to us. Nah, just kidding. Otherwise, if you would like to hear you sound repeated back to you bathed in analog-goodness, check out our current delay: The Panther Analog Delay We made less than one hundred of these and then stopped due to the chipset becoming obsolete. We would still make it but... we literally can't and that makes finding one on the used market about as awesome as striking oil in your front yard. They sell from $300 - $425 when we see them and we wish you the best of luck finding one. It runs at the standard 9v power like our other pedals and it loves long walks in the park.

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