Gibson Burstbucker Pro Neck Pickup



Product Description

Fatter, meatier tone with more drive and attack.  The Burstbucker Pro Neck Humbucker enhances the vintage "edge" of Gibson's popular Burstbucker pickups with the added feature of an Alnico 5 magnet.  The Burstbucker Pro's characteristic sweet harmonic complexity and crystalline clarity derive from its slightly unmatched bobbin windings.  Alnico 5 magnets are used in place of the traditional Alnico 2 yielding fatter, meatier tone with more drive and attack and provides classic Gibson "Patent Applied For" tone with a hint of attitude.  Extra noise reduction keeps things quiet even with a high-gain rig.

Output:  7.4

Position: Neck

Magnet: Alnico V

Wiring: 2-Conductor (Also availble in Quick Connect™)

Details: Enhanced "Patent Applied For" tone with more bite and brillance.


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