C.B.I. XLR Combiner with Ground Lift



The CBI XLR Combiner with Ground Lift is a handy accessory to have on the road at a gig or in the studio. With two female XLR inputs and one male XLR output, the CBI Combiner combines two XLR signals, such as a microphone, into one XLR male signal. This is great for situations where you might be running low on channels or want to record two XLR's to one channel. The CBI Combiner also features a ground lift switch.

XLR Input to Iso and Direct XLR Output - Neutrik 150 ohm Transformer
Slitter Fem - 2 M Out, Combiner 2 Fem In - Male

Single 3 Pin XLR to Double 3 Pin XLR

14 Gauge Steel Box w/ Powder Coat
Ground Lift Switch 

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