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D&A Electric Icestand

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Guitar players love guitar stands because they are portable, reliable and really practical. Make your guitar the center of attention anywhere you go by simply unfolding the D&A ICESTAND Electric (clear version of Guitar stand) and setting your guitar on it. You can rest assured that your guitar's finish will not be damaged in any way. Ready to leave? Fold it back into its compact shape and put it in your back pocket, guitar case, or virtually anywhere for travel.



The D&A Icestand Electric collapses in two simple steps and can be carried in a gig bag or even the back pocket of your jeans.


We use lattice ribbing and reinforced joints to make a stand so strong it can support many times the weight of any guitar ever made.


The D&A Icestand Electric weighs around 20 ounces, that’s about the weight of a guitar cable. 


A soft polymer material covers all points of contact between the D&A Icestand and your electric guitar, ensuring that your guitar’s finish is protected. It is safe for all guitar finishes.