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Fender Acoustic PreverbFender Acoustic Preverb
Boss RV-500 ReverbBoss RV-500 Reverb
Boss RV-6 ReverbBoss RV-6 Reverb
Boss DD-8 Digital DelayBoss DD-8 Digital Delay
Boss OD-3 OverdriveBoss OD-3 Overdrive
Fender MTG: LA Tube DistortionFender MTG: LA Tube Distortion
Earthquaker Devices Plumes
Fender Bubbler ChorusFender Bubbler Chorus
Fender Mirror Image DelayFender Mirror Image Delay
Fender Level Set BufferFender Level Set Buffer
Fender Bends CompressorFender Bends Compressor
Boss JHS JB-2 Angry Driver
EHX Wailer Wah
EHX C9 Organ Machine
EHX Xtortion Overdrive
EHX Key9 Electric Piano MachineEHX Key9 Electric Piano Machine
EHX Neo Mistress Flanger
EHX Satisfaction Fuzz
Boss GE-7 EqualizerBoss GE-7 Equalizer
Boss VE-1 Vocal Echo (Demo)

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