Music Lessons


Our Mission

Bringing out the musician you always wanted to be. From learning the songs you love to creating your own soul's composition, we are here to lead the way.

Our Merit

Our instructors are chosen from several points of criteria. We offer academic masters, pro-performers, accomplished composers, gifted life-long prodigies, and most of all friendly patient music training.

Our Promise

We are dedicated to your passion to achieve your musical goals. You are on the fast track with our expert instructors. Your discipline and our guidance is your guarantee of success.

Our Impact

Wadsworth Music is first and foremost our community's music lesson center. For over 20 years, students have grown musically here with us from absolute beginners to accomplished musicians.

Grow Your Music

Have you ever wondered what your music sounds like? Did you know that music ability is dormant in each and every one of us until that one day when we choose to discover it?

The ancient sages have known for generations that knowing the mystery of the universe was directly related to the mystery of sound.

Art, math, science, and philosophy merge together in mankind's heart and soul through vibrations created by instruments and voices. As complex as that may sound, music is as natural to us as our emotions.

Today, studies have proven that music is not just an enjoyable leisure time activity; it is very healthy for our overall wellness and brain development.

If you love to listen to music, then you are already on your way to the most amazing journey of your life. Join us for a lesson or two and see if you are ready for the path of music mastery.

Beginner to Expert

Piano & Voice


Learn the magic of theory and note reading. Bring music compositions to life through keyboard and/or your own voice.



Bowed, plucked, fingerstyle. We teach anything with strings: guitar, banjo, ukulele to violin, viola, etc.  

Brass & Woodwinds


Get good fast for your class. Take your music from beginner concert band in school to one day marching in the bowl games.



Put the heartbeat to music. Learn the rudiments to the grooves you love and take it to the stage or join the drum-line and rock the home team to victory.

Sign Up Today

Contact Us today and sign up for music lessons on your desired instrument.

Lessons are $25 each (1/2 hour class) and taught here at our store. You bring your instrument unless your are Piano, Voice, Percussion. Lesson scheduling can be for a limited number or recurring each week until you cancel.