Band & Orchestra Rentals

Wadsworth Music has partnered with Sweetwater Band & Orchestra to bring you the finest rental program ever!

    • 100% of your rental fee applies toward the purchase of your instrument
    • Low down payment makes it easier to get started playing your instrument
    • Affordable monthly rental payments make it easier to get an educator-approved beginning band instrument
    • No long-term commitment — return the instrument anytime
    • No Credit Rating Checks
    • Affordable Instrument Protection Plan keeps your rental instrument in great playing condition
    • No inflated 'list price' on rental instruments means faster purchase for you
    • We offer 25% off of the remaining balance on your rental instrument if you decide to pay off early
  • Click Here to Rent Online

Trumpet Clarinet Wood Clarinet Flute
Alto Sax Tenor Sax Trombone Baritone
French Horn Oboe Xylophone Bell Kit
Combo Percussion Kit Snare Kit Violin 4/4 Size Violin 1/16 - 3/4 Size
Viola 15 and 16" Sizes Viola 10 - 14" Sizes Cello 4/4 Size Cello 1/4 - 3/4 Sizes