Stringed Instruments

We offer general maintenance service for restring and setups to put your instrument in best playing condition.  

Guitar, Bass, Violin, Auto Harp, Dulcimer, Banjo, Mandolin are welcome. We do minor repairs but not paint work. Some modifying and electronics pickup installations are available: however, we do not fix electric components, keyboards, amplifiers, pedals, etc. These are deemed beyond cost-to-replacement value. We do offer warranty service for Fender brands of amplifiers, electronics, and instruments as well as Taylor instruments.

* For Fender and Taylor warranty service, please have your original receipt with your warranty product.

For Band Instrument Service, our certified technician picks up every Wednesday morning. If you need service, please try to have it in our store by Tuesday 8pm to be picked up Wednesday morning. Most instruments are returned the following Wednesday unless the repair and/or work load is extensive. i.e. the height of school band beginning at the the end of summer. Try to get your service done earlier in summer for best turnaround times prior to the peak season.

ETA and Status

Please note that some instruments may take unusually longer ETA if you need special products or certain modifications, vintage restoration work andresearch. There are limited people who do this service and workloads are stacked all year long for all Service Centers. You will be contacted as soon as your instrument is ready, so there is no need to contact us to inquire if it done yet. If you do need to call and check on it or give additional instructions, please have your Work Order number at the time of calling. We do get calls once in awhile where somebody dropped their instrument of at another store and then call us to check on it. Very stressful trying to find and instrument that was never at our shop.

Bench Fees and Rates

Looking into repairs, disassembly, bringing instruments up to proper humidity, etc takes considerable time but very much required to determine the health of an instrument prior to diagnosis. There will be a $25 bench fee for all instruments no matter what is determined for any service going forward. This fee is applied to the total bill but very necessary for any instrument becuase of the pre-assessment time and storage involved. For a general estimate on what to expect on most service tickets, we charge $60 per labor hour and most tickets are one to two hours. This may not always be the case; nevertheless, this is a general estimate on most services. Parts are provided at addtional charge. We use manufacturers OEM parts whenever possible.

Decades of Experience

Our technicians have tremendous skills and attention to details. Instrument work is a very intense skilled trade and training is only accomplished by years of practice from the daily profession. This type of work is tedious and at times very frustrating trying to figure out what is buzzing, or why something is not tuning correctly, or a part on the instrument is compromised to the point of breaking while service is being done.  

We take all precautions and care with your instruments while in our poseession and all items are fully insured. As with some repairs, light damage can happen during repair, i.e. bridge removals and broken hardware, screws, tremolo arms, etc. Sometimes wood is so brittle or harware is corroding and impossible to remove without damage. This does not mean that your instrument is going to be mistreated and most often your instrument is returned in better cosmetic condition than at time of drop-off. If we see something that is easily improved or cleaned while doing the work, then we go the extra effort for you.