The Missing Method for Guitar: Note Reading in the Open Position

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New expanded second edition!*

We made it easy for you to learn to read music.

While you can become a skilled guitarist without it, learning to read music will undeniably make you a more skilled and competent musician. And it will open doors to musical resources and opportunities that would remain closed otherwise. The trouble is, there didn’t used to be a method dedicated solely to note reading for guitar, written with the average player in mind. Until now…

We made it easy for you to learn note reading.

Each book in the The Missing Method Note Reading series focuses on one section of the fretboard. This first book in the series focuses on the top of the neck, frets 0-4.

What makes it easy?

  • Clear instructions: teach yourself or use in guitar lessons
  • Progressive exercises: each new skill builds on the last
  • Ample practice and review: master each skill before moving on

Who’s it for?

This first book in the note reading series is great for a variety of guitarists, including:

  • Beginners and intermediate players with limited note reading experience
  • Guitar players wanting to learn to read sheet music
  • Players who want to focus on playing melodies (as opposed to strumming rhythms)
  • Anyone looking to play classical, jazz, or soloing (but it’s useful for all genres & styles!)

When you’ve completed this book, you will:

  • Be able to play every note in open position (frets 0-4)
  • Understand accidentals and know how to play in every key
  • Be able to read and play in a variety rhythms & time signatures
  • Be able to sight-read sheet music
  • Be a more competent and skilled musician

You can learn to read sheet music, and you’ll be happy you did. Click to order your copy, and let’s get started!

Need a left-handed copy? We have that too! Search: The Missing Method for Guitar, Book 1 Left-Handed Edition: Note Reading in the Open Position.

*New in the Second Edition:
  • Updated songs and examples
  • Even clearer practice instructions
  • Additional rhythm practice pages
  • New songs for practicing ties, dotted rhythms, and accidentals
  • New Review Sections

Other Missing Method Books in this series:

  • The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 2: Learn to read frets 5-9.
  • The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 3: Learn to read frets 9-12.
  • The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 4: Learn cross over positions.
  • The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series Book 5: Learn frets 12-22.

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