D'Addario Pro Plus Capo - Black

$ 29.99


D'Addario's Pro Plus Capo is the next step forward in capo design. It's lightweight, durable, and super easy to use. It's fitted with a FlexFit pad that works just like your fingertips. Plus, the adjustable tension control means you don't have to deal with under or over tensioning any more! That's right, the adjustable wheel on the back of the capo allows you to dial in the tension until every string rings out loud and clear. When we tested the Pro Plus Capo here at Sweetwater, it performed spectacularly on various instruments, including classical guitars, basses, V-necked acoustic guitars, and even vintage electrics with 7.25-inch radius boards. If you need one capo that can work on all of your guitars, we feel that the D'Addario Pro Plus Capo will fit the bill.

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