DR Legend Flatwound 11-48

$ 19.99



Polished Stainless Steel Flat Wound Guitar Strings on Hexagonal Core

"Tite-Fit"/ "Compression-Winding"

DR strings are made with more metal than one realizes at first. By way of example, before a .042 gauge DR string is carefully wound, core wire and wrap wire that total .043 are prepared. After a process we call "Compression-Winding" of material that adds to .043 a DR string that gauges at .042 is produced.

The ratios and principles of "Tite-Fit"/ "Compression-Winding" are used for the specifications and manufacture of all DR strings. At DR we craft our strings at tension. The following is one example of how the DR wrap/ratio formula works... in this case for .042's. Core wire is .016, wrap wire is .0135x2 (top and bottom covers). The total before winding is .043, the total after winding is .042. The whole is less than the sum of its parts. 

The main reasons players tell us they prefer DR strings are: 1. "Noticeably longer life" 2. "Easy bending and great feel" 3. Brighter edge to sound".

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