Guitar Chord Master: Beyond Basic Chords

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Take your playing beyond basic. Master the skills needed to rise to your next rhythm guitar challenge.

No matter what kind of music you like to play, having a solid foundation of chords is crucial. The problem is, once you know the basic chords, there isn’t much instruction as to what comes next. Instead, most of us have to learn complex chords crudely as they come up in songs, and you rarely get to practice them on their own. But not anymore.

More instruction. More Practice. Mastery, not Memorization.

Guitar Chord Master 2 is your guide to learning fresh new chords, strum patterns, and rhythms that will enrich your playing, boost your confidence, and enable you to tackle your next challenge! We’ll cover major and minor 7ths, 9ths and add9ths, and major and minor 6ths. You’ll also master using a capo, so you’ll be ready to grab the chords you need when you need them.

Guided Lessons on Your Schedule

Over the last 20 years, Christian J. Triola has taught hundreds of students to play guitar, and now you can learn too. Like the first book in this series, Guitar Chord Master 2 offers a new, systematic method that will take you step by step from easy chords and rhythms to more sophisticated ones, just as you would get in a guitar class or private lesson. Ample instructions, diagrams, and exercises are provided so that you can master chords at your own pace. We promise that when you've finished, you'll not only know the chords, but you'll know how to use them in your own music, playing your favorite songs.

Go Beyond Beginner

When you’ve completed Guitar Chord Master 2, you will have:

  • Mastered common embellished chords including major and minor 7ths, 9ths and add9ths, major and minor 6ths
  • Confidence using a capo (great for chords that aren’t guitar friendly!)
  • Experience reading and strumming sixteenth notes
  • Instruction and practice reading and playing in compound time
  • Learned new strum patterns and chord progressions to enrich your playing

Everything You Need to Master Intermediate Chords

Inside the pages of Guitar Chord Master 2, you’ll find all the features guitarists have come to expect from The Missing Method for Guitar Books, including:

  • A review of chords from Guitar Chord Master 1
  • A clear explanation of chord theory
  • Hundreds of practice exercises
  • Example songs that teach you song forms and structures
  • Quick reference chord charts, including unique capo charts

Great for adults and teens

Guitar Chord Master 2 is perfect for adults and kids ages 12 and up, playing acoustic or electric guitar. It can be used alone or with any other guitar method, and can be used to teach yourself or along with an instructor. It’s also great for guitar teachers and even homeschooling, as the instructions and step-by-step lessons and practice exercises make it easy to follow.

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