Guitar Sheets Collection: Over 200 pages of Blank TAB Paper, Staff Paper, Chord Chart Paper, Scale Chart Paper, & More

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Capture your ideas with the Guitar Sheets Collection

Every guitar player, regardless of experience, needs to be able to write down things they’re learning—from songs they’re working on, to their own riffs, to melodies, arrangements, and chord voicings. Now you have a way of keeping track of this and more all in one place with The Guitar Sheets Collection.

Included in this 231 page collection:

  • 50 pages of guitar tablature (10 lines of tab per page)
  • 50 pages of traditional staff paper (11 staves per page)
  • 30 pages that combine both tab and staff paper (6 per page)
  • 40 pages of blank chord charts (16 per page)
  • 30 pages of scale chart paper (5 per page)
  • 8.5 x 11" bound paperback with gloss cover

More than just tablature and staff paper, The Guitar Sheets Collection includes everything a guitarist might need in once place.

Also included:

  • Instructions on how to tune your guitar
  • A chart featuring all the basic chords
  • Major and minor scales, including harmonic minor
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • How to read tablature
  • How to read standard notation

It’s the perfect collection of blank sheet music, chord charts, and scale charts for any guitar player, guitar teacher, or guitar student!

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