MusicNomad The Nomad Tool String, Surface, and Hardware Cleaning Tool

$ 9.49


MusicNomad's versatile Nomad Tool helps keep your fresh-from-Sweetwater gear clean, shiny, and ready to rock. The unique patent-pending design removes dust, oils, and other destructive forces using a super-soft, 100% lint-free microfiber pad and natural fiber brush. The Nomad Tool's pad is great for a thorough over/under cleaning of your guitar strings, removing fingerprints from pianos and guitars, or even cleaning off a dusty computer screen. The brush features all-natural, non-abrasive bristles for cleaning around your pickups, between your piano keys, and the knobs and inputs on your amp and rack gear. The Nomad Tool from MusicNomad is essential for keeping your gear in top notch condition.

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