Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book 2 - Tuba

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The Standard of Excellence Enhanced Comprehensive Band Method Books 1 and 2 from Kjos are designed to deliver the finest educational methodology possible. Developed by band guru Bruce Pearson, its strong focus on performance across a wide range of musical categories yields a truly rounded and complete learning environment for all student instrumentalists. Some of these considerations include music theory, music history, ear training, listening, composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. Further, the Multimedia Library presents an online-formatted classroom complete with pre-recorded exercises, accompaniments, and tunings, for a more natural rehearsing experience. Students will also gain access to accompaniment recordings, flashcards, and a full-function recording studio through Pyware’s Interactive Practice Studio, available on desktop computers and mobile phones. For band directors and educators nationwide, Sweetwater recommends Standard of Excellence books as the superior choice for an optimized and engaging school year!

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