Super‑Vee BladeRunner 6‑Screw Mount Nickel

$ 179.99


Patented Frictionless Blade Technology. Superior Tuning Stability. Increased Tone Transfer. Noticeable Boost in Sustain. Drop in Design, No Modifications Required. The BladeRunner is designed for Stratocasters and Stratocaster clone tremolo guitars. The patented Blade technology of the BladeRunner provides measurable increase in sustain and tonal clarity. This extraordinary gain can't be found in any other system due to the perfect relationship between the sustain block, the Blade, and the solid mount to the guitar body.


  • The Blade works like an active conduit, transmitting a marked increase in sustain and tonal transparency through the body of the guitar.
  • The patented Blade technology is honed from industrial grade spring steel - no matter how hard you work the whammy bar, your bridge will always return to the zero point, smoothly and effortlessly.
  • The Sustainium block has been crafted from our proprietary grade billet alloy. This material was carefully chosen over many other materials for its noticeable sustain Super-Vee BladeRunner 6-Screw Mount Nickel Finish 
  • Add the Mag-Lok  for superior stability and confidence

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