The Missing Method for Guitar: 12th Position and Beyond (The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series)

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Learn to read and play the highest notes on the guitar.

Complete your knowledge of the fretboard with The Missing Method Note Reading Series Book 5. This fifth and final book in the series is your step-by-step guide for learning how to read guitar music in the highest region of the neck: frets 12-20! With this book, you will finally be able to read guitar music anywhere on the neck and in any key.

Guided Instruction on Your Schedule

Over the last 20 years, Christian J. Triola has taught hundreds of students to play guitar. With a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music (Jazz Studies), he has used this knowledge and experience to create a focused note reading series that gives you plenty to practice without making you feel overwhelmed or intimidated. And in the end, you’ll be a better musician for it.

What You’ll Learn in Book 5:

✓ How to read and play notes in twelfth position (Frets 12-15)

✓ How to read and play notes using the 8va symbol

✓ How to read and play notes from frets 17 to 20

✓ Reading in minor keys, including relative minor, melodic, harmonic, and jazz-melodic minor in both of these positions

✓ More exercises to solidify your rhythm skills

✓ How to practice and play in every key from frets 12-20

Also included:

★ A review of open, fifth, ninth, third, and seventh positions
★ Practice changing keys within a song
★ Streaming audio files so you can hear each exercise and song

It’s Unique!

No other method book teaches you how to read guitar music in the upper register. It’s often assumed you’ll just sort of learn it on your own. The trouble is that there is little guidance out there to help you do that well, until now! This book focuses on learning to read standard guitar notation from fret 12 to 20, and like all Missing Method for Guitar Books, it includes tons of practice songs, examples, clear explanations, and exercises to help you master the highest notes on the guitar.

Use this book in conjunction with other method books, by itself, with a teacher, or on your own.

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Not sure you’re ready to take on the highest notes of the guitar? Then be sure to check out our other books in The Missing Method for Guitar Note Reading Series! You can learn everything from the basics of reading guitar music to how to read anywhere on the neck with relative ease. Or move on from note reading and start to master your chords with Guitar Chord Master!

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